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Introduction Our App

The goal of Medicine-Stock is to provide accessible, objective and accurate information on medicine. It is essential that medicine needs for a given community are well estimated. Ideally stock ordering should be done or supervised with one person, who knows the suppliers are and the general patient base and the storage of medicines in a stock is extremely important...

Receiving stocks.

Standard operating practice for stock ordering.

Medicine-Stock is a market place where user can login with their account and order medicines like Tablet, Syrups, Needles

Customer Details

Customer lists and add new customers

Customers list and locations. In this user can see profile of a customer

Sign-up with his/her personal details like Name, Number and Email etc and can made purchase of medicines as per prescription by doctor.

Product delivery

Order medicines like Tablet, Syrups, Needles

locations is important. User ordered product for customer with the help of application and need to wait for approval from owner side.

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