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Online Recruitment Hiring

We understand how difficult these times are as we working hard to communicate effectively with workforce and doing everything which can uplold the important work we do.

Hired is application used for online recruitment for employees. In this user need to login with required details and here User may be HR of organization , or A boss or Technical person anyone can use this application only for hiring and official purpose.

Easy to applicant details.


Schedule meeting or interviews.

Which uses the power of internet to match the people to jobs. It takes place when company try to reach a pool of candidates through a medium of online.


Login Application Form

After login to application, User able to see options like Home, Add applicant, Schedule meeting, Event and Sign out option.


Communication history

HR employees gain a lots of time when inserting data. The use of modern web technologies in the software architecture is a precondition too.


Reduce Cost and Saved Time

Need of Hired is too much important because in the era of digitalization it will really helpful and reducing paper works in office premises.

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