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Signflow is Attendance App

Shift Management
Leave Management

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Introduction Signflow

Sign flow is here for attendance management, Shift creation, Holiday request and approval based application that can be easily operated by anyone. No longer will you need time consuming pen paper works. It can help you easily create and manage your company working hours. You can choose exactly the functions you want on needs of your business.

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Clock in/ Clock out and Attendance

application for leave request

User need to select the location of his organization or company area that time Clock in button will be highlighted in case user wants to clock in from another place which not belongs to organization then Clock-in button will not highlight

Leave management

Approval and Results.

Manage his shit time as per the records in system also able to see upcoming shifts in next week.

Keep up to date will all the changes and activities from Sign-Flow.

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Shift request, Shift creation, Shift posting.

Easily manage employees working hours

Clock in/ Clock out stands for that user need to login with username and password before entering in office premises and this application will be operate by user/ employee.

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