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Wangoes - Boost Your Productivity with Staff Augmentation Services in USA

Wangoes Technologies is one of the leading staff augmentation company in USA providing multitasking and cost-effective IT staff augmentation resources. Hire experienced IT professionals who can help you get the job done, no matter the size or scope.

A diligent and proficient IT team with a vast skill set unlocks your technical solutions. Get access to certified IT professional services, including QA specialists and app developers and leverage the skills of our industry-expert IT staff. Achieve Greater Efficiency and keep your project on track with professional IT staff augmentation services in USA.

Worldwide Prime Choice for Companies

Streamline Your IT Processes with advanced staff augmentation solutions

Wangoes Technologies' passionate IT professionals have scaled companies across the globe. Choose us, reduce risks, and get quality results in the shortest possible time frame. You can count on more than eight years of Wangoes Technologies experience, offering quick and effective solutions for all IT and non-IT companies. Our expert teams provide our clients with tailored solution that meets their needs, no matter how complex. Our professionals are committed to providing clients with the highest quality services and support; ensuring that their projects are completed on time and within budget.

Our IT staff professionals are competent in the:

  • # Python - Django / Odoo / Flask
  • # Database - Postgres, MongoDB
  • # Mobile Apps - React Native
  • # AWS - EC2, S3, Route53
  • # Frontend - HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • # Desktop - PYQT
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Why IT Staff Augmentation resources?

  • Reduce your cost by up to 50 per cent.
  • Hire the top IT talents.
  • Fill the gap in your team's skill sets.
  • Better flexibility and adaptability.
  • Faster time-to-market ability.
  • Enhance your overall efficiency.
  • Feasible and Convenient
  • Better operation agility.

Our Services

Wangoes Technologies IT staff offers versatile solutions to fulfil our clients' real-time requirements, being one of the top staff augmentation company in USA.

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Our Strategic Process

Whether you need experienced staff for your project, application or software development, or anything else. Go with our IT Staff Augmentation Services in USA and enhance your business. We ensure an all-inclusive process.


Requirement Review

First, we analyse in detail the role and job requirements asked by our clients to deliver qualified, skilled, and experienced staff. The review process includes examining the specific needs of our clients.


Interview and Hire the Experts

Wangoes Technologies delivers the top-qualified talent from the industry. You have the option to select either offshore or onshore IT personnel augmentation.


Start Development

Our selected staff will collaborate with your team and take care of front-end, back-end, development, and testing tasks.


Ongoing Support

Being responsive, we provide prompt support even after completing a particular project.

A Trusted Name in The Industry

Why is Wangoes Technologies the First Choice for IT staff augmentation services in USA?

Wangoes Technologies has more than 5 years of experience tailoring our services to our client's unique requirements. We help unleash our clients’ potential through our exclusive methodology.


Dedicated Teams

Wangoes Technologies' IT team puts absolute focus and proficiency using the knowledge of Python, Django, Odoo, Flask, CSS, HTML, React Native, Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2, S3, Route 53 and more.


Savvy IT talent

Our responsive and innovative IT experts deliver customised technology solutions. We empower your business with our expertise in different technologies, programming languages, databases, and more.


Control Management

Active participation and detail-oriented are the key traits of our IT staff that impress our clients the most. Our experts report to your company's management in time and integrate with your in-house team’s process.


Time Saving

Quick and spontaneous responses from our side and work completion in deadlines comfort our clients the most. Whether you need a recommendation or an IT expert, we are available with the solution on the spot.


Technology Stack

Our team of top technology consultants and IT talent are furnished with cutting-edge technologies and tools to offer advanced solutions. Stay ahead by leveraging our proven technology stack.


Services for across Industries

We offer professional staff augmentation resources to various industries, such as real estate, manufacturing, and more. Our expert teams deliver comprehensive and specialised services to each industry.

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