There is no doubt that software developers can greatly impact today’s world, starting from small apps to some advanced innovations, such as cloud services, IoT, ML, AI, and more.

As developers are the primary force for progress, they are always in high demand.

But How to Hire Top Performing Developers? 

Well, this can be a challenging task. Choosing a top software developer is multi-faceted expertise that includes technical knowledge, social media, instinct, and performance monitoring.

As per a study, more than 86 percent of IT executives have agreed that finding the right tech talent is difficult. 

Choosing the best app or software developer can make a great impact on your company.

An experienced and skilled developer can be 400 percent more efficient than your team member.

That’s why companies like Twitter, Instagram, Google, and more always hire the top talents. 

Well, these companies spend a lot of money and also have a lot of inbound developers. If you are a startup, then you may not follow the same recruitment techniques.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply some of their recruitment practices in your own How to Hire Top Performing Developers from India strategy.

If you are feeling confused and want to get the best performing developers, then here are some tips that can help you in this. Let’s explore those tips. 

Where To Find Top Performing Developers?

Before diving deep into How to Hire Top Performing Developers, let’s know where to hire the best and most skilled developers. Some of the best options to consider here is

1. Developer Communities and Blogs

Such resources will offer you an insight into the software developers’ education, communication style, and technical skills. Developers’ responses to different queries will allow you to understand how they solve a technical issue. 

2. Job Boards

One of the most popular ways to find good software or application developers is a job board. Here, companies post the jobs, and developers can directly apply for the jobs. All you need to do is come up with an attractive job advertisement for this. 

3. Recruiting Platforms

By working with the best recruiting platform, you can find top-performing developers faster. Such platforms will allow you to locate the right type of candidate utilizing the algorithms that search for the best match.

4. Tech Conferences and Events

Conferences gather many software developers, so it can be a perfect place to network as well as find talented developers. 

Top Practices on How to Hire a Developer:

1. Come Up with An Objective-Based Hiring Profile

As per the experts, screening out a developer who lacks experience or expertise with a specific programming language or framework is not an ideal way to find a good developer.

They say being familiar with a lot of programs, frameworks, or tools is not a factor that will determine the success of the developer.

A competent software developer can easily learn a new program faster. 

With new libraries and tools being released every day, you should focus on talent, not on skills.

Understand the kind of issue you want to solve, the outcomes you want to attain, and the challenges your developers may face.

Let the goals of the position and nature of the work decide the innate traits, strengths as well as the type of foundation knowledge that the candidates should possess. 

2. You Need to Structure Your Hiring Process Right

While understanding How to Hire Top Performing Project Base Developers from India, you need to structure your existing recruiting processes to attract the type of developers you want to hire.

Hiring the right developer will not only boost your company’s productivity but also increases employee satisfaction. Remember that enthusiasm and motivation go parallelly.

That means if you want to hire a motivated developer, then look for a candidate who is enthusiastic about the mission and vision of your startup. 

3. Attract the Right Talent with a Competitive Salary

One of the major factors to consider when exploring How to Hire Top Performing Developers from India is the salary.

As top-performing software developers are a crucial element of your company, you can’t take a risk by paying them a low salary.

Based on the location, the average salary will vary.

So, carefully check what the basic compensation for that location is. 

For example, the average salary of a software developer in India can range between Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 14 lakhs, based on their expertise and skill levels. On the other hand, in the USA, it can be up to USD 110,000 per year.

This is a major reason why companies hire remote developers from other countries. 

Countries like India offer plenty of skilled and talented app or software developers and compared to the developers from the USA; they don’t ask for much salary.

However, to attract and retain them, you need to offer them an attractive salary as the competition level is increasing. 

4. Create Your Employer Brand

While talking about How to Hire Top Performing Developers, the employer’s band will play a great role.

If the employer brand doesn’t look very attractive, then it can make the hiring process a little difficult as the applicants know nothing about you, and they will not prefer to join your team.

As per some studies, developers usually prefer to work with companies that are well-known in the market. 

That’s why you need to remain on different platforms. Candidates consider you as an employer.

You need to keep interacting with them through job boards and social media sites to show more about you and tell them why they should choose you.

One of the effective ways to hire performing developers is to convert them into fans of your company. 

5. Properly Outline the Required Tech Stack

Every development task or technology requires a specialist who has experience and expertise in it.

When you decide to hire a developer for your company, you need to outline different technologies that the candidate will have to work with.

Understand what task a coder will solve? 

What programming languages or tools has the developer used? Not only just programming languages, but you also need to consider the front-end or back-end tool, framework, and databases.

Describing the tech stack properly will increase your chances of finding the best talent for the position.  

6. Focusing on The Professional Growth Opportunities

Another best practice to follow while thinking about How to Hire Top Performing Developers from India is sharing the career perspective with the applicants.

For most developers, the key motivational factor is professional advancement.

You need to get them involved in different challenging projects and offer chances to participate in training, conferences, webinars, and more. 

However, you need to ensure that the opportunities that are offered are the ones developers have been searching for. Coming up with an adjuvant ecosystem for employees’ progress and self-development will help you to get a dedicated developer who will make more contributions to your organization. 

7. You Need to Value Hard and Soft Skills

Being a top-class specialist is as crucial as having a comprehensive set of soft skills.

As the development process is based on working in a team, time management, and problem-solving, you need to make sure that a candidate can obtain these skills as well.

If you are planning to hire a developer, you need to consider cultural peculiarities that can impact the candidate’s work ethic. 

For example, while hiring a developer from other countries, you can look for candidates with cultural similarities.

Developers from countries like India are well-known for their egalitarian working style, hard work, and high motivation. On the other hand, knowledge of the English language is also a crucial factor that makes Indian developers an ideal choice.

So, it can be said that hiring and managing an offshore team of developers is not that challenging. 

8. Look For Creativity

To create high-end apps or software, you will need a lot of conceptual as well as technical expertise.

However, if those were all that were required, then choosing a perfect developer for your company will be much easier for you.

You can find most of this information by using the Google search engine. 

The rapid advancement in software and app development is greatly driven by the ability to be very creative as well as imaginative.

You need to hire a candidate who is highly energetic and creative.

There is nothing wrong if the candidates are from a diverse background than your team. When it comes to developing software, creativity plays a major role. 

9. Keep Yourself Updated with Industry’s Trends

As per the experts, professional interest is another driving factor that can impact choosing an organization as a place to begin a career.

Tech companies who are enthusiastic about their constant development and growth can easily attract talented software engineers. 

They know that there are multiple opportunities for mastering their skills, creativity, and career in that particular company.

Deploying new technologies and programming languages can create opportunities to grow as an expert and for your organization as a leading player in this industry. 

Now that you understand How to Hire Top Performing Project Base Developers from India, it’s time to follow these tips and attract top-performing developers to your company.

There is no doubt that hiring a good developer is a challenging task.

But when done correctly, it will become much easier.

Every business journey is unique, based on its priorities and culture.

Just follow the right path that is good for your company, and you can create a robust team of developers.

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