It is no magic to prepare a live website. There is a wide range of skills and programs that go into the development process.

If you have finally decided to open the digitalization door to your business, then the process would start with having an official website of your company to stand out in the internet media.

Website development demands much-needed attention and investment, and all for good reasons. 

One major factor you need to consider is the web developer expense that determines how fast, responsive and scalable your website would be to appeal to your target customers and attract attention more frequently.

Hence, whether you are hiring a freelance developer to optimize your website or in the early stages of planning your website, you must consider some aspects to know the freelance full stack developer charges so you have full control over your budget and achieve the desired results. 

The full stack developers are capable of working across a range of technological products, fulfilling the back-end to front-end programming and more.

There is a rather high demand for full stack developers as more startup companies are growing up and growing demand for building proprietary tech tools and products.

Hence, working with full-stack developers is rather easy and straightforward than working with a web development company.

What full stack developer works on?

Most full-stack developers work as freelancers, so they are well-versed with both back-end and front-end web development as well as everything that comes in between.

Since they are creative and inventive in bridging all aspects of front-end and back-end developments, freelance full-stack developer charges can vary from a different perspective. 

They work on the full spectrum of the web development process starting from communicating with clients to understand their requirements and from developing their online business planning to deliver the final product.

Their work can include creating the database for the website, preparing a solid website infrastructure for website construction, setting up online hosting servers, testing and troubleshooting, designing the web page, optimizing the website to run across all smart devices, and more. 

What type of development do you require?

It is wrongly assumed that all web development works are operated the same way. However, web development projects can vary according to the nature of the project’s objective.

You might be required to build a website from scratch or optimize an existing website, or you might want to have a developer on standby to handle the maintenance work of a launched website.

The freelance full stack developer charges can differ according to the complexity level of your project, for instance, whether you want to develop a simple website with a few web pages or a full-fledged e-commerce site with smart features and add-ins. 

  • Website development from scratch

It is always the most expensive to build a website from scratch compared to other types of web development. The full stack developer would have to start with basic JavaScript Programming; they can use add-ons like HTML5, content management system, mobile responsiveness, etc., which might require you to pay extra expenses. 

  • Ongoing maintenance of an up-and-running site

No matter the type of website you have, each one of them requires ongoing maintenance. You might choose to do it yourself or hire a developer to do it. The freelance developer can help with making required updates, solving hosting issues, making tool integration in your site seamlessly, URL changes, or creating and adding new web pages. For this kind of development, you must have a long relationship with the developer instead of hiring anyone, so their work would not create a hitch in the original programming designs. 

  • Website design services

You might need a designing service for your website pages, blog posts, or other content addition. For such types of developments, the freelance full stack developer charges might include a one-time fee instead of hourly rates. 

How much would the freelance full stack developer cost?

From coding to developing servers, managing databases to building web infrastructure, making API integration to working with internal project teams, solving tech issues to strengthening web security, a full stack developer does a lot.

They are a more cost-effective and efficient option than having your project assigned and handled by multiple developers.

The average freelance full stack developer’s charges can fall between $20 to $60 an hour. However, this cost evaluation can vary according to the CSS techniques. If you hire a more experienced developer, the cost can increase up to $100. 

This hourly cost is determined through making various considerations with factors including education, experience, technical skills, framework knowledge, project length, project difficulties, page count, commitment level, and from where you have hired them, etc.

The cost of a full-stack developer from Canada with two years of experience and a developer from Turkey with ten years of experience can be the same. Hence, it’s essential to look for a full-stack developer in the international freelance market to set the best cost rates for your project. 

Apart from that, the flat rate of a web developer also matters to check out as you know exactly how much you would be paying the developer upfront. The developer would question you extensively before offering you the flat rate after understanding your budget and other project requirements. 

What to look for in a full-stack developer?

Choosing the right full-stack developer is essential to completing the development project successfully.

Knowing how to determine the freelance full stack developer charges can aid in looking for the right developer.

Full-stack developers must possess exceptional technical abilities because they are responsible for all aspects of development and need to be knowledgeable in programming, coding, and database management. 

They must have a strong sense of responsibility as they would be working by themselves and performing as a full team in itself, so they would be required to submit high-quality work on time for the project completion in a scheduled manner. Here are some of the major characteristics you need to look for while hiring a full-stack developer for your project. 

  • Comprehensive knowledge in Front and back-end development

The first skill to look for is comprehensive knowledge of front and back-end development know-how. They must have a thorough understanding of user interface and user experience, both creatively and technically. Additionally, they must constantly use the newest frameworks, languages, and third-party libraries. 

They should essentially have mastered HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc. Full-stack developers should be able to configure servers, maintain databases, optimize storage, and link networks, in addition to having a firm grasp of web architecture and HTTP for back-end development.

  • Programming proficiency

An excellent full-stack developer should be knowledgeable in a number of programming languages such as back-end languages like Python and Ruby, as well as front-end languages like PHP, HTML, and Java. Additionally, they need to be knowledgeable about the pertinent development frameworks, e.g., Sinatra, Django, Hibernate, and more. 

  • Basic designing ability

A capable full-stack web developer should have basic design ability. Hence, look for a developer who has knowledge about the basic principle of developing prototype designs and UI/UX designs. Great full-stack developers must always stay up to date, adjusting to new features and enhancing their processes as technology advances.

  • Database technology management knowledge

Developing database storage for the web product is essential for back-end management. This also has to be developed by the full-stack developer. DBMS technologies such as MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, SQLServer, etc., are extensively used by database developers. So, make sure your developer is thorough with at least one DBMS tech. Additionally, they need to have strong knowledge of various caching mechanisms such as Memcached, varnish, Redis, etc. 

  • Working with API

Full-stack developers must be familiar with web services or APIs. It is one of the most desirable qualities in full-stack developers to have knowledge of how REST and SOAP services are created and accessed. The freelance full stack developer charges can crucially be impacted by the skills and abilities you look for. So note that your developer should have the ability to write quality unit tests, awareness of security concerns, and knowledge of algorithms and data structures. 

  • Experience in full-stack development

While it may not always be the case that rookie full-stack developers are unable to deliver high-quality work, professionals with experience unquestionably have an advantage. Experts with a variety of design, development, and problem-solving experience can aid you in more effectively visualizing and putting your ideas into action than novice developers. Moreover, they possess a high level of responsibility while handling project tasks. Hence, they are more capable of delivering high-quality work in a timely manner. 

With the fast-paced, digitally evolving world, having a website has become imperative for many business individuals and companies. Hence, if you require to develop a website, a mobile, or a web application for your business, hiring a full-stack developer can certainly help you throughout the process effectively. 

They can efficiently collaborate with you at every stage of the project. Their diverse technical skills enable them to approach the project with a comprehensive viewpoint, understanding every component and being able to address any challenges that may develop.


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