There is no doubt that the rapid technological advancement has opened up new spaces for today’s business across the world.

Whether you are a start-up or a leading business, you will be able to rule the digital world with a smart step in the year 2022.

When it comes to taking smart steps, you can’t forget about developing a powerful business app, especially using React Native.

This has opened a whole new space for the modern business as the react native outsourcing, and app development cost is quite lower than a platform.

Besides, a mobile app developed using React Native can easily resolve different complex issues.

Now, you might be wondering what the React Native App Development Cost in India is.


You will not get a definite answer to this question, and there are different factors that will affect the cost.

In this article, you will explore more about this and understand the cost and decide whether you should go for it or not.

So, keep reading. 

What Do You Mean by React Native?

Before you can hire a react native freelancer or full-time developer to develop your app based on React Native, let’s understand what React Native is.

This is one of the most popular and widely-used open-source mobile app development frameworks and was introduced by Facebook. 

This platform offers multiple useful widgets and tools to develop iOS as well as Android apps.

Using this, developers can easily save around 40 percent to 90 percent of the development time.

As React Native has a code-reusability feature, it helps save time, development resources as well as cost. 

Speaking more about it, React Native utilizes the principle of JavaScript to develop apps.

That’s why some of the well-known brands use React Native, for example, Tesla, Instagram, Walmart, Uber Eats, Facebook, Airbnb, and more. 

Why Should You Go for React Native?

Most app developers and entrepreneurs prefer to use React Native framework as it is a widely-used open-source and cross-platform mobile app development platform to develop Windows, tvOS, Web, Android, iOS, Android TV, and macOS platforms applications.

If you want to create a perfect app, then it’s time to hire a freelance react native developer.

Well, here are some major reasons why you should give React Native a try.

  • Code Sharing and Cross-Platform

Developers don’t require more resources when utilizing React Native as it is a cross-platform framework, and they can develop apps using the same code for various platforms.

There is no need to use multiple technologies. 

  • Less Manpower

The React Native App Development Cost in India will be low compared to using other frameworks as it uses fewer resources.

You can begin the development process with a project manager, QA expert, two developers, and a designer.

  • Reusable Codes and Pre-Built Components

This framework allows the developers to share more than 90 percent of the code between iOS and Android applications. As a result, you will save more time and cost.

Besides, components are readily available. 

  • Simplified UI

You will witness the flexibility and ease of enabling UI when utilizing React Native.

By react native outsourcing, you can come up with an app that will be smooth, responsive, and will load fast. 

  • A Huge Community

As this is an open-source framework, different React Native documents are available for free for the development community.

Besides, you can easily get technical support from this community. 

Understanding The React Native App Development Cost in India

So, what is the React Native App Development Cost in India?

Well, if you want to develop a cheap year feature-rich app, then React Native is an ideal option for you.

However, it is difficult to calculate the exact react native developer hourly rate in India and the cost of the app development. 

As per the developers, the cost will greatly depend on the app’s complexity and your business requirements.

As per some reports, the react native developer hourly rate in India can range from USD 15 to USD 30 and above per hour.

It may be noted that the cost of the developers will also vary based on their experience level, expertise, skills as well as location. 

While searching for cost-effective react native outsourcing solutions, you will find India is offering the most affordable and best services.

And you don’t have to compromise with the app quality.

Now, let’s talk about some major factors that affect the React Native App Development Cost in India. 

Complexity Level of the App

A React Native app can either have high, medium, or low complexity.

Different aspects can affect the app’s complexity.

If you go for any API Integration, then per integration, you may need to pay around USD 2000 to USD 3000.

On the other hand, for each IoT integration, you may need to pay USD 15,000 to USD 25,000.

Besides, there are some other things to consider here, such as app deployment architecture model, in-app purchase, integration with your legacy systems, and more. 

Design of the App

Another thing that can influence the react native developer hourly rate in India is the app design.

Design and prototyping are two crucial stages that can increase costs and also give the developers a clear direction.

If the design is simple, the cost will be low. 

User Authorization

If you are developing a React Native app that requires the users to be able to sign up or sign in, then the cost will be a little more than for the apps that don’t have such a feature.

The choice is yours. 


If you are planning to make custom-focused React Native apps, then you may want to connect your mobile app to social media and may want to add some other features to make it easier to use by people.

Well, such custom add-ons are a crucial part of the cost and price of the app development process.

So, if you are low on budget, then choose the add-ons wisely. 

The Category of Your App

The complexity of your app will depend on the type of app you want to develop.

For instance, a calculator or timer would have standalone features that are less complex than the features of an e-commerce app.

The more features your React Native app will have, the most money you will have to pay for the development. 

Experience Of the Developer

The hourly rate of a freelance reacts native developer will depend on the type of project you want to do.

But hiring a freelance developer will be a cost-effective option compared to working with a large company.

Some people think that hiring a freelance developer means they will have to compromise the quality.

However, the fact is, when you are with an experienced react native freelancer, you will get the desired results.

If your app development project is complex, then you should be ready for high costs as you will have to hire an experienced developer.

Focus On Hardware

The more hardware you will connect with your React Native application, the greater will be the cost of your React Native app development.

For instance, developing an IoT mobile app utilizing React Native platform will cost you more than developing a native app. 

Location of the Agency

Location will be crucial when it comes to the cost of developing a React Native app.

And if you want to keep the cost low, then you can work with a react native freelancer or app development company based in India.

A freelance app developer may charge you around USD 15 to USD 60 or more based on your app development requirements. 

App Maintenance

Don’t think that your expense will end once the app is launched.

You need to keep the app updated to meet the users’ expectations.

When it comes to maintaining the app, you may need to consider three important processes: app bug fixes, app updates, and design changes.

As per some reports, the app maintenance cost for a year can be around 20 percent of the total development cost. 

Distribution of Your React Native App

When you plan about how to launch your app, each way will charge a different fee.

App stores like Apple App Store and Google Play Store may charge around USD 100 for a license.

However, you should keep in mind that your app will need permission from the host to meet the security rules and standards. 

Final Words

If you are a start-up and want to develop a quality mobile app but have a low budget, then React Native will be a perfect option for you. From faster app development to easy maintenance and affordable development cost, this is the perfect choice for you. On the other hand, the React Native App Development Cost in India is also low. 

With all such amazing features and flexibility, React Native has become a reliable framework for businesses looking for a cost-effective app development solution. Now you understand the cost of developing a React Native app and the different factors affecting the cost; it’s time to hire a freelancer to react native developer or a professional app development company like Wangoes Technology Pvt Ltd to create a powerful app.

They have years of experience in this and develop a feature-rich app that your customers will love to use. With a perfect app, you will witness steady business growth and a rise in your sales.

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