There is an unrestricted range of new opportunities a business can embark on with creating a web portal.

A business can do many things with having a web portal, such as sharing special announcements and data deals with stakeholders and come in many aids in assisting your customers, vendors, employees, partners, patients, and company members as they log in to your website and interact with you securely as they do their business in a very personalized manner.

The web portal would surely enhance your process of customer service, optimize the business operation, and your business would be easy to manage.

You can always hire an established web portal development company in India for your required web portals.

But in order to choose the right company, you have to gain some basic knowledge about web portals, their type, and what you can include in them to make them highly functional. Read on below to empower your business by developing the right web portal.

The working mechanism of the web portal:

Web portals are online, secure, and single access points for target audiences to get an organization’s information.

These portals usually require the user login process to access their profiles as members of the portal to do various activities on the webpage.

Your web portal development company in India can avail of your portals without requiring any authentication, so the public can freely access them. 

So how do these portals work? These web portals mostly pull information from various places and organize them within a central location so users can access them conveniently.

This information can both be related and unrelated, but as they are all categorized according to their data, services, links, and interactive elements, users would not have any difficulty choosing what information they need to access.

There are often web portals that personalize their information for every user to access, specially customized web portals and e-Commerce portals.

Take e-learning portals, for example, for which educational institutes develop separate web portals for teachers, students, and parents.

Every user group that requires a unique set of information access might require different setups for the web-based portal.

Types of web portals and their uses:

  • Self-service portals

Users can get information on goods, services, or brands through a self-service web portal. Users can look up and request information, schedule services, and activate or deactivate services through a self-service portal.

  • Employee portals

Your web portal development company in India can set up a secure portal so that your staff members may request and manage services associated with HR, IT, and other facilities, access structured company data, collaborate, and keep informed about business events.

  • Customer portals

This portal offers a digital environment for customers where they may access your products and make an online purchase, sign up for services, request maintenance, and interact with your business and other users.

  • B2B Portals

B2B portals are developed to aid in digital support of any process between businesses, such as trading, manufacturing, procuring, and distributing.

  • e-Commerce Portals

e-Commerce Portals make it convenient for buyer and seller transactions and make the process of buying and selling goods and services simple. These portals offer a variety of purchasing and communication capabilities along with other required features for personalization.

  • Patient Portals

Through this portal, a patient can access their personal health details securely. Moreover, a patient can self-schedule appointments, check their test results, and consult with doctors or other healthcare professionals in between their appointments through a patient web portal.

  • Vendor Portals

A vendor web portal gathers and arranges data on suppliers and offers customers a wealth of features for a seamless sales process. This portal is mostly used by manufacturers, banks, learning facilities, government institutes, group purchasing organizations, etc.

  • Sales Portals

The sales web portals can be very helpful for your sales representatives and business partners. They can easily get access to sales materials in one place.

  • e-Learning Portals

An eLearning web portal development is geared towards educational objectives. Schools and other educational institutions frequently use these portals to offer users a variety of learning materials, including videos, presentations, and interactive training materials.

  • Community Portals

Community web portals are designed to facilitate information and idea exchange between people who share common interests.  These portals offer users social features, including chat, forums, blogging, media file support, sharing options, and other events, that aid in the development of cooperative relationships.

  • Partner web Portals

Businesses with various partnerships can have their partner web portal to handle their ties smoothly. Such portals are mostly used by companies that offer their products through indirect channels. Partner portal can offer a plethora of resources and capabilities to the user that entails inventory data, configurations, calculators, order status, sales data, data analytics, as well as learning and training materials for new users.

The process of web portal development:

Web portal development is generally stated as web-portal application development or portal application development process.

Your web portal development company in India can help with facilitating services that can help create secure, useful, personalized access points that organize information according to specific users’ needs.

The portal application development process essentially involves necessary advanced web development skills, practice in software programming, server-side and client-side scripting application development skills, registration systems, and more.

Developing a portal solution involves using tools and platforms like SQL for databases, Python, .NET like back-end tools, cloud platforms, front-end tools, CMSs like Magento, WordPress, etc., and also requires mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Cordova, and more.

The type of tools and portal developing programs and platforms you choose would depend on what were your requirements and what has been your past experiences in the business or clients or audiences on your official website.

Moreover, before the deployment of the web portal, your developing company would employ various integrations to enhance your portal’s efficiency and functionality and incorporate a proper testing stage.

After the deployment, your developing portal team will monitor the performance of the portal in real-time and work accordingly, so your portal meets the KPI and standards of your business.

Work with a reliable and experienced web portal development company in India to assist you in creating a portal with many conveniences without wasting time and money and work towards enhancing your company’s reputation among your users.

Choosing the right web portal development company

The first step into how to choose a web portal development company is determining the type of web portal your business requires. Other factors required in selecting a web portal development company in India involve determining what features you require in your portal, too and what level of support you require throughout the web portal development process and after the deployment.

A long working relationship

Many big corporations usually hire a web portal development company with which they can work effectively for a long time. Having a long working relationship is essential for every business today, especially when producing work for online business portals. Hence, you should look for a company that is compatible with your business relationships. It’s wise to take time to understand the company’s team, analyze their quality of work and consider how their communication service is with their clients. Inquire about the company’s credibility before choosing the web portal development team.

IT support from the development company

Businesses with in-office IT staff might not require third-party IT support. But businesses without internal IT staff would need help with various IT activities. Having a reliable outsourced web development team can offer tools and functionalities that can offer updating to the company content, add new pages to the web portal, perform other basic tasks, etc.


One of the deciding factors in choosing a web portal development company is the cost of the service. The price influencing factors for the entire web portal development process can be many; hence, giving an accurate cost estimation can be difficult. But you must know that the web portal design and development costs can range from an hourly basis fee to a fixed price for each implementation. There might be some ongoing charges involved in hiring a web portal company, for instance, hosting fees, ongoing monitoring, support, etc. Hence, essentially, read the contract to understand the costs before signing.

Check through the portfolio

Start by looking over the company’s portfolio of completed projects; it would help you compare web development services. In order to give potential clients the chance to assess the usability and functionality of their real-time projects and design abilities, many web portal development businesses will post a list of their past projects online. Look for a portfolio that complements the demands and goals of your company.

Many innovations used in Web portal design

  • AI-powered personalization
  • AR-powered user manuals
  • Crypto payments
  • Telemedicine
  • Remote servicing
  • Live consultations
  • Voice-controlled navigation

Web portals are comprehensive web solutions that can organize and provide interactive content for a variety of users. It is not just a web page but a powerful platform with many interactive features. A web portal’s development can be a time-consuming and challenging process, but with the right web portal development company, businesses can create a great gateway that matches their objectives.

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