As per the Google Analytics data, most businesses across the world are now searching for web development as well as design companies.

As Wi-Fi and modern technologies have made the internet more accessible, more people are now using online platforms to get their tasks done.

On the other hand, the introduction of smartphones and tablets has also made this possible for people to shop or browse wherever and whenever they want. 

That’s why companies are now focusing more on website design and development so that people can easily find their businesses.

Besides, a website serves as a low-cost advertisement, using an effective marketing platform that is available 24×7 hours.

A well-designed and developed website can offer important information to your potential customer about your company, like your business hours, contact information, and more. 

Both website design and development play an important role in this, and a perfect combination of these two things leads to a perfect website that can rank higher and attract more customers.

Well, it has been seen that most companies are utilizing these terms separately to describe the services they offer. 

But the fact is that both these are referred to as two different aspects, crucial for creating a perfect website.

Before you can opt for web design or web development services, it will be better for you to know the Difference Between Website Design and Website Development.

Keep reading to explore more about this. 

Understanding Website Design:

In simple words, web design means transforming any idea into a design that will be visually alluring.

The design layout will then be used to craft the user experience for the website. It refers to the usability as well as an aesthetic part of your website.

You can also say this is the process of creating a website’s front end.

Just like an architect draws and designs a plan of a building before developing it, it is the responsibility of a web designer to design a perfect model layout of your website before a professional developer can begin the coding and development process.  

It may be noted that website design is not an easy task, and it is quite challenging to effectively integrate different aspects of a website and make it user-friendly and visually appealing.

The process involves creating a plan to craft a usable interface design.

If you analyze closely, you will find that the role and responsibility of a web designer are as crucial as a web developer.


Well, without an interactive and beautiful interface and a great UI/UX, the website development cannot be appreciated and experienced by the visitors.

An effective website cannot be developed immediately after understanding the requirements mentioned.

When you hire a web designer, first, the expert will analyze the requirements to understand the scope along with the purpose of your website.

Then the designer will visualize the designs and create a design for testing.

Once verified, the web designer will do the final design.

Some of the major areas that are covered under this are: 

  • Web layout designing
  • DNS changes
  • Site maps
  • On-page SEO
  • Graphic Designing
  • Branding
  • Placement of call-to-action buttons
  • Logo Designing
  • Choosing the right color palettes 
  • Working on Wireframes, mock-ups, and storyboards
  • Typography

Web designs create the face of your business websites; it also designs that your users will see on their mobile devices or computer.

With a perfectly-balanced use of images, layouts, colors, and more, with web design, you can bring a wonderful digital experience to life.

It is always advisable to hire a professional web designer when it comes to designing your website so that your website may look unique and have a smooth user experience. 

Principles Of Website Design:

  • A Perfect Balance

It is crucial for a web designer to craft a well-balanced layout. When it comes to web designing, the experts may refer to light or heavy elements based on the design requirements. Utilizing a correct proportion of every element is crucial to attaining a well-balanced website design. 

  • A Perfect Contrast

In color theory, contrasting colors are utilized opposite one another on the color wheel. Web design also covers other areas where contrast can be applied. Every professional designer looks at contrast textures sizes as well as shapes to define as well as to make certain sections attractive. 

  • Emphasis

Speaking about emphasis, this is one type of design principle that can be found in the intentional “highlighting” of different elements of the layout of the website. Just think about a page where more than 70 percent of the content is highlighted in yellow. Does it make anything stand out? Well, with emphasis, you can make a certain part of the website look important and make sure that those parts have crucial information. 

  • Consistency

This is also called rhythm, or you can say repetition. As per the experts, consistency is an important principle of website design. For instance, consistent and clear navigation always offers the best and most effective user experience to your website visitors. 

  • Unity

Unity means a perfect relationship between the composition and different parts of the website layout. As per the Gestalt theory, unity suggests how a human’s brain visually processes as well as organizes various information by categorizing various elements into different categories. 

Unity is the relationship between the various parts of the website layout and the composition as a whole. Based on the Gestalt theory, unity deals with how the human brain visually organizes information by grouping elements into categories.

Most web designers have skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more, as these skills help them to craft effective mock-ups of a web page when communicating an idea to the team as well as fine-tuning the UI/UX of the app.

On the other hand, a professional web designer can also work with various templating services, for example, Joomla or WordPress, which allows them to create a stunning website utilizing themes along with various widgets without working on the coding part. 

Understanding Web Development:

It is a web developer who turns a unique design into a fully functional and attractive website.

The process of web development includes different web languages as well as different software tools for crafting an SEO-friendly website.

Well, there are two different types of web development; these are back-end and front-end. Front-end developers work as a bridge between web designers and back-end developers. 

They generally work on three major development languages; CSS-Cascading Style Sheets, HTML- Hypertext Markup Language, and JS- JavaScript.

Such languages and frameworks help in creating a complete website, from designing the primary layout to adding videos and images, utilizing various types of fonts and typography, creating interfaces, and more. 

Now coming to the back-end development process includes managing data as well as requests from various servers.

If your website has dynamic data, then you will have to go for full-fledged back-end services offered by a professional web development company.

For instance, some websites may ask visitors or users to input their personal data to start using the services. 

In this case, your website needs to save this data and make it easily accessible for a later stage. That means your website will need a working database connection, and the connections can be directly linked to the server.

A back-end website development process includes utilizing server languages, such as ASP.NET, PHP, and more. Besides, the developers also use other languages such as MySQL or SQL based on your project requirements. 

Some important skills, as well as tools that are important for successful website development, are: 

  • Web template design
  • CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Frameworks- Ember, ReactJS or AngularJS
  • CSS processors such as Sass or LESS
  • GitHub
  • Different libraries, for example, jQuery
  • SEO and more

Web Development And Web Design- Similarities:

Both web development and web design are important for an organization that wants to have a robust online presence.

These two things function closely together and can be handled by an expert or a single person.

Both web developers and designers should have programming knowledge, even though at different levels. 

They should have robust problem-solving and analytical skills as they need to test the functionalities and design options to ascertain the best fit.

On the other hand, they both need to stay updated about the latest trends, innovations, and programs in their respective fields.

When well-carried out, development, and design create an effective tech-driven concept that meets the company’s unique vision, enabling you to get connected with more customers easily. 

Final Words:

Now that you understand the Difference Between Website Design and Website Development, you know both web development and design play a crucial role in website development, and both are interrelated. 

It can be said that a web designer should understand all the design principles and then come up with outstanding layouts creatively; on the other hand, a web developer needs to focus on the coding part and logic-based thinking.

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